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Describe the concepts of the in and out groups. Give an example for each.

1. Describe the concepts of the in and out groups. Give an example for each. 2. Describe the three leadership styles and in your opinion explain which style you feel is most effective. 3. Describe three techniques of neutralization in regard to deviance with an example for each. 4. Explain the two possible reasons sociologists explain that have led to a drop in violent crime. Give your opinion on the validity of each of these reasons. 5. According to Max Weber social class has three components. Explain each of the three components according to Weber. 6. Describe the concepts of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism and explain why society should practice cultural relativism rather than ethnocentrism 7. What does the term feral children mean? How does society make us human? 8. Explain either the Id, Ego or Superego according to Dr. Freud. Give an example of a decision made with one of these parts of our personalities 9. Describe the concept of the master status and how this can cut across all other statuses. Give an example of a master status 10. Who are considered the invisible minority? Explain your answer. 11. Describe the concepts of sex and gender. How are these two concepts different? 12. Name two categories of violence against women and provide a solution to lower these statistics. 13. Explain the continuity theory and provide an example in reference to aging.