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To what extent did you fully engage with the course content, activities, and with other students?

It is very easy, within any class, to simply focus on meeting deadlines and getting through material and assignments as quickly as possible – to just ‘get done’ with it all. We know, however, that purposeful reflection is a cornerstone of learning and change-it makes us more self-aware, deepens our ownership, and increases the likelihood that we will transfer knowledge into action. It is for these reasons that I ask you to pause now and think about what you have learned, what has been meaningful and not meaningful, and how it is you intend to make use of this course in the future. Your reflection will also contribute to the continuous improvement of this course, and I thank you for your insights! To get started, take some time to review each of the course modules. Then, prepare a brief paper (2-3 pages, double-spaced) exploring the following questions: To what extent did you fully engage with the course content, activities, and with other students? We used Google Drive for our group project How did your level of engagement impact your learning or the learning of others? The more you engage the more you learn What if anything could you do to increase your engagement in a future online course? Use video conferencing technology instead of just Google Drive What about this course did you find most useful, and least useful, and why? Do’s and Don’t of written communication, some content was simply a review, I have already learned this content in my undergrad If you could re-build this course, what if any changes would you make (in terms of content, structure, and/or activities), and why? Not sure, make something up if you have ideas In what ways, if any, has this course impacted how you think about or approach your oral or written communications? Higher awareness of written text and word structure. In other words, what are the most significant take-aways for you from this course? I use to many run on sentences As a result of taking this course, what if anything will you do differently in terms of how you communicate with others, and why? Not sure, make something up (You may find it helpful to think in terms of what you will START doing, STOP doing, or CONTINUE doing as you communicate with others.) Finally, to what extent did this course allow you to meet your goals or achieve your desired course outcomes? Better at written communication.