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Writing Negative Messages

Chapter 8, Activity 8-27, Message Strategies: Refusing Claims and Requests for Adjustments pg. 215

To prepare for this assignment, review the section on refusing claims and requests for adjustments in Chapter 8. Pay special attention to the example in Figure 8.5 (Message to Refuse a Claim) in Chapter 8.

Consider the following before you begin writing:

Open with a short buffer statement indicating that you received and understand the request.
Communicate that you value the customers business.
Provide an accurate, objective summary of the issue the customer encountered.
Communicate what the cases are designed to protect and what is covered under the warranty.
Deny the request for a new phone without being abrupt, insulting, or accusatory.
Offer an alternative solution to the customer.
Make any alternative solutions easy for the customer to understand and simple for the customer to take action.
Close the message cordially.