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Preface: This assignment will resemble the Rhetorical Summary I assigned for your Diagnostic Writing Assignment: Practice Rhetorical Summary, but will allot more room for explanation (500 words) and have an analytical goal. Though Rhetorical Summaries offer more information than a standard summary due to their provision of rhetorical insight, they still only deposit information, addressing “what happen” while neglecting the “why” and “how.” Assignment Instructions: Using the relative structure of the Rhetorical Summary, in terms of placement of claims and reasoning rather than sentence numbers, you will produce a claim-based analysis that presents a specific perspective of the essay and defends this claim. Example: The strongest appeal in this essay is (fill in the blank) because (blank). After this statement, following Lecture #1: Rhetorical Textual Analysis, you will assess “how” this claim is exemplified in the text and what part your claim plays in the essay’s overarching goal. This assignment will require 500 words , will be submitted below BY 11:59 PM on Sunday, and will be written in standard MLA form. In-text citations: (Ricker Page #) Example: (Ricker 5) The paragraph # is not necessary and is not required for MLA. Additionally, you do not need to list your sources at the bottom of the assignment. We will review how to present quotes in class.