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Write an essay that will explore on how personality attributes influence the negotiation process.

In this unit, we focus on how personality attributes influence the negotiation process. For this assignment, you are to write an essay that will explore various aspects of this topic. Be sure to address the items listed below.Assess personality attributes that influence behavior during negotiations.Analyze the roles of locus of control and self-motivation during negotiation and dispute resolution.Assess the advantages and disadvantages of various communication styles.Explain the congruency of verbal and nonverbal messages as they relate to negotiating and resolving/managing conflict.Your essay must include an introduction. It must be a minimum of five pages in length but no more than seven pages. The title page and references page do not count toward meeting the minimum page requirement.You must use a minimum of two sources that are academic in nature from the CSU Online Library to support your essay; items cited and referenced in the Unit IV Lesson can be used as sources for this assignment, but they will not count toward meeting the minimum two-source requirement. All content must follow APA guidelines, including all sources used, which must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.Let me also encourage you to engage in research. This course is specifically designed to help you hone your research and writing skills before you begin your dissertation work. Although the instuctions stated to use ‘at least two resources,’ for this level of academic persuit, what is presented in this essay is lacking. Difinitive statements must be supported by academic/scholarly research or it is considered opinion, which at this level, is unacceptable.