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Write an essay that analyzes a theme from Y: The Last Man.

IT’S ON ONLY BOOK 1 BY Brian K. Vaughan, Pia GuerraPlease focus only on book 1Students will write an essay that analyzes a theme from Y: The Last Man. Students will craft a thesis-driven analytical essay that demonstrates substantial understanding of the rhetorical strategies used in a text and an ability to examine, critique, and interrogate those strategies. The final essay must be a minimum of 2 pages (probably no more than 3).To analyze a text means to closely examine both what the text says and howit says it. Your goal in analyzing any text is to:1)select a theme to analyze from Y: The Last Man (book 1)2)detail what the text means and is arguing by focusing on that particular theme3)connect that theme to the real world you live in4)demonstrate how a text achieves its effects5)how successfully it achieves those effectsOnce you have chosen a text to analyze, you should perform a briefsummary of the text. The level of detail in your summary will depend on its relevance to your argument. Once you have summarized, begin to analyze the context of the argument. You should then offer a clear interpretation or judgment of the text. Your interpretation or judgment should be firmly established in the thesis statement that will guide your analysis. You will then develop this thesis by offering reasonable support, including textual evidence in the form of directquotations and/or visual analysis for this interpretation or judgment. You should not conduct any secondary research for this assignment. Your essay should incorporate no fewer than three, and no more than seven quotations and/or images that are properly introduced, cited, integrated, and explained in terms of your argument. You must also include a proper MLA Works Cited page for the text you analyze. Do not forget to include a descriptive title; please don’t simply call your essay “Analysis.” Due DatesRough draft: January 27th (in class) Final draft: January 29th at 2:00 PM (uploaded to D2L and a printed copyto me)—Failure to do both will result in a full letter grade reductionCriteriaUpon completion of this assignment, the student should demonstrate the ability to:analyze and adequately summarize a text, with appropriate attention given to context and rhetorical situationcraft an analytical thesis that clearly states an interpretation or judgment of the textsupport the thesis with reasonable and well-paragraphed evidencecreate a strong title and citations appropriate for a single source papercreate an effective introduction and conclusion, and clear transitions between main ideasevidence clear, well-edited writing that is free of proofreading errors and errors of grammar, mechanics, and syntax