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Write an essay on World Musics Mythology.

InstructionsIn this course we should find out what the world’s peoples tell themselves about their music cultures, both ancient and contemporary, and how they tell these stories. As young as pop music is, there are many myths and legends surrounding figures such as Robert Johnson and Janis Joplin, and instruments like B.B. King’s “Lucille.” We find similar myths across and throughout many of the world’s musical cultures. These stories often tell us a great deal about cultural values, a central theme in our course explored by Ellen Koskoff.Avoid western pop music topics entirely for this assignment.Your essay should:Explain / retell the mythOffer cultural and socio-historical context for the mythExplicitly connect the myth to course content and make substantial extensions based on those connectionsMake informed inferences about the culture that created mythPlease ensure that it meets the following academic conventions:- Separate title page- Separate reference page (any reference that appears in your list of works cited must also appear at least once cited in your paper)- Double line spacing- 4-5 pages- Standard margins in 12-point font- Consistent and accurate citations and referencing, both in text and at the end (In this first year course, I always advise students to use whatever citation and reference style is common to their discipline and to make sure that they use the same method consistently throughout their work. For example, I use APA because that’s the Education/Arts standard).- Minimum of 5 references. NOTE: One must quote or at least cite a reference for it to “count”; no unexplained or “dropped in” quotations, please.