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Write an essay on the Mexican-American war.

My topic for the essay is on the Mexican-American war. The essay needs to be a minimum of 1000 words but can’t be over the maximum of 1100 words.1) The Essay must be a minimum of 1000 words and maximum of 1100 words. The title, information and works cited page do not count toward this. The narrative (introduction – conclusion) is the only portion that counts towards the 1000 words. Be sure to place your word count in parenthesis at the end of the narrative. USE ONLY THE LATEST MLA FORMAT FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR ESSAY.9) Provide a complete bibliography at the end of the research paper and writing assignment (essay). DO NOT SUBMIT IT AS A SEPARATE ATTACHMENT. This page identifies all the sources you consulted for your work and have used in writing the paper. The annotated bibliography assignment is a separate assignment. Do not include the annotations in the research paper assignment. You must submit a bibliography of the sources actually used in the paper without the annotations. Include it at the end of the research paper.10) Don’t forget your word count at the end of your narrative. Place it before your bibliography.