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Write an essay on the Legalization and Criminalization of Marijuana in Texas

“Policy Briefing Paper”It is designed to help bring focus to a specific policy issue that is currently facing a local, a state or the federal government.The report must not be more than 3 pages with a separate works cited page of at least 4 sources.The format of the policy briefing paper is outlined on “Attachment A”:Policy Briefing FormatIntroductionKeep it short and to the point. This section frames the issueProblem StatementThe problem statement may come at the end of the introduction. It concisely identifies the problemto be solved. It may be in the form of a question.ObjectivesIdentify the objectives of the entity that is trying to solve the problem. Usually, the entity is agovernmental agency or unit. Focus on a single decision maker or decision-making body. It is bestto work from an official list in a government documents or leadership statement or existing policy.Consider the political goals that may be associated with your policy statement.OptionsEnumerate at least three options changing the policy and describe each of them briefly. Forand against arguments do not constitute two options. Give the decision maker some choices.Analysis of OptionsHow does each option serve the objectives listed above and what are the cost issues associated witheach? Consider positive and negative externalities. You should be sensitive to the options’ political socialand repercussions.RecommendationSelect the best option and recapitulate why it is best. Do a reality check. Does the recommendation solvethe problem; is it actionable? Your recommendation should ideally be a stand-alone, and not requireanother iteration of the process to figure out how to implement it. A good recommendation is never asuicide pact.Length3 pages of text (cover page or citations not included, works cited page should include at least 4 sources)Be certain that your Policy Briefing Paper addresses all these issues.