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Write an essay on the “Impact of Divorce on Children.”

Topic 2: Understanding the ABC-X Model for Family Stress and Coping Click on the Readings button to access the content listed below… READ: 1) Article on ABC-X Model by Rosino; 2) ABC-X Formula (Model) book chapter by Sage Publication (Note: there are other readings posted that you may also find useful on the ABC-X model linked under Readings) REVIEW: 1) Power point on ABC-X Model After reading these sources discuss the ABC-X Model as a means for understanding family stress and management or coping. Think of how this model would be applied to a specific situation of stress a family might encounter. In speaking about it’s application you are NOT required to share any personal experiences and if you discuss a family you know, keep their names anonymous. This discussion is an exercise in understanding this ABC-X model as you’ll use it in writing your upcoming paper. Discussion 2 Watch the Video on “Impact of Divorce on Children” (a TED Talk by Tamara Afifi; 19 minutes) Post your comments on what you’ve learned from the video. Remember at least 3 posts to get full points (effort counts…post your view on the video and then comment on the posts of 2 student-peers).