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Write an essay on the book of economics called “Economics in One Lesson”, by Henry Hazlett (1946).

Special Assignment (in lieu of a lecture for August 29, 2019)One of my favorite books on economics is called “Economics in One Lesson”, by Henry Hazlett (1946). A PDF version is readily available on the internet. Your special assignment is to do the following (individually):1) Read the first chapter and give me an exact quote of the “one lesson” (less than a paragraph).2) In the rest of the book, the author discusses several economic fallacies in support of the one lesson. Skim the other chapters and briefly describe three of the fallacies and how they relate to the lesson in the first chapter.3) Don’t forget to use a proper citation for the book.4) Be prepared to hand the assignment in the following week (September 5, 2019). It will be graded and averaged in with your problem set scores. It shouldn’t be hard to get a high score on this assignment.One page ought to do it.