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Write an essay on the book “Introduction to Global Health” by Jacobson, Katheryn H. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 3rd Edition, 2019.

Answer the following questions to complete Homework 2. Don’t try to copy answers from the textbook. Make sure your answers and submission follow syllabus requirements: 1- Use PubMed to find an academic journal article on a health topic of interest to you. Read the article to find the answers to these questions: – — (a) What was the main study question? – (b) Who participated in the study, where did it take place, and when was it conducted? – (c) What study design was used? – (d) What was the answer to the main study question? 2- Find a recent news story from the popular press about a newly released health research report. Look up and read the scientific article on which the news report was based. Was the news story accurate? Did it leave out any critical information? 3- Do you identify with a particular ethnic group? Do you know of any health conditions that you are at special risk for because of your ethnic background? Are these conditions genetic? Are they related to health behaviors? 4- What are some of the conditions related to poverty that increase the risk of infectious diseases? Noncommunicable disease? Neuropsychiatric disorders? Injuries? 5- The book name is Introduction to Global Health by Jacobson, Katheryn H. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 3rd Edition, 2019