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Write an essay on “How to Tame A Wild Tongue”.

Writers make narrative moves, choices about how they will approach their writing. They understand that the choices they make, both in language and in subject, affect the reader and define an audience. The understanding of this connection between writer and audience, the choices an author makes and the effects these choices have on the audience, is the foundation for Rhetorical Analysis. In places it may feel as though Anzalda has envisioned a specific audience. In doing so, she has often anticipated a response and a position the reader may take. She works to challenge the readers habits and defy their expectations. You may also find that Anzalda shifts from one audience to another as her argument changes. It is as if in some places she is writing to you and then turns to someone else to write to them. With these argument shifts, you may find that you are at time the accused and at others the accuser. Or you may find yourself to be an insider then an outsider. This essay is very applicable to American life as well as life in other cultures. Here in the United States, we have something of an identity crisis. We have no official language, even though English is the most widely spoken language in the country. However, Spanish is a large minority in this country, and “border” dialects are common because of the mixing and clashing of these two cultures. There are many dialets between the North America and South America, using different accents and pronounciations. Anzaldua mentions eight languages used throughtout the country and referes to them as secret speech. Switching back and forth from Spanish to English is a form of Tex Mex, or Spanglish. This is not a narrative but write as those you are writing as a Spanish speaker who also struggles with the formal Castillan style. Being born in this country but who takes pride in being both Chicana and American. I understand the struggle Anzaldua makes. This is essay is about “How to Tame A Wild Tongue”.