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Write an essay on Homeland Security.

This is on the topic of Homeland Security and should be written with that frame of mind. The class is a Homeland Security class, focusing on response to critical incidents.The paper will be seven to 10 pages of content (not counting cover page, abstract, and references) and strictly follow APA 6th Edition format. For the paper, you will choose from the list of topics I have attached.The paper must reference a minimum of eight scholarly articles. (For a definition and instructions on locating scholarly articles, see the UMGC library website: All sources should be evaluated for their credibility (just because it is on the web does not mean it is an accurate, trusted source).The issue must also be linked to experience in at least one critical incident as part of the discussion. Previous incidents may be discussed within scholarly articles, government After Action Reports (AARs) or media accounts. Media accounts should be used as a last resort for very recent incident examples that may not have after action reports. See a list of AARs.The paper should also reference any relevant government policy. The course specifically covers all current incident response policy. Relevant aspects should be referenced in the paper for application to the specific issue and circumstance of the specific incident detailed.