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Write an essay on “College at Risk” by Andrew Delbanco

Submit your file containing the ROUGH draft of Rhetorical Analysis Essay. It should be saved as a Word document (.doc or .docx). Do NOT submit other files such as PDF files, Pages files, OpenOffice (.odt) files, Works (.wps) files, or Text (.txt) files. Also, if you use Google Docs, you HAVE to save your file as a document on a computer and submit it–simply linking it is NOT sufficient. I cannot open and view Google Docs files from Blackboard. The rough draft HAS to be submitted in advance of the final draft. This is not an option. You will check the box for the originality report for all written work. Do NOT simply copy/paste into the Submission box or the Comments box. Remember that your essays should be written using action verbs (avoiding linking verbs), active voice, and clear examples. You pronouns should not be present unless they have been used in a quote. All submitted work must be in the assigned format (see the provided templates. The files provided for you to use as templates are in the proper form. Final drafts must show evidence of revision from the rough draft. Simply resubmitting the rough draft will cause your essay to drop a full letter grade–no matter what grade it earns. Please note the grading rubric is attached to this assignment. You have to submit the file for an originality report before submitting this assignment.