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Write an essay about Francis Laurent.

Seven years prior, Francis daughter Raina had been acquitted of several gruesome murders. Her lawyer entered a plea of insanity, and the judge accepted. She was incarcerated at Bryce Psychiatric Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she would stay until she was deemed safe to live among the public again no matter how long that took. Years had passed since then, but finally, following several failed attempts, the court sanctioned Rainas release.
Three weeks before Rainas release, her aunt Jacqueline Willoughby visited the hospital to discuss plans for Rainas future. As they sat together under her favorite tulip tree in the hospital gardens, Raina began recounting stories about her father, Special Agent Francis Laurent. Hed been forced to leave Raina and her mother, Nancy Willoughby when Raina was just a newborn baby. Her aunt Jacqueline had never really known the circumstances that led Francis to desert his family at such a significant time until now.