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Write about the reliability (and error rate) of firearm evidence identification.

Forensic Science – Firearm Evidence
Write about the reliability (and error rate) of firearm evidence identification; base research paper on anchor paper. Attached also find specific guidelines for research paper. **Please note the following specific requirements for the research paper. They are to appear in the order that they are listed: 1. A Title Page with: a. The paper title b. Your name, the course, and the date c. The professor’s name d. A 1 paragraph abstract 2. A Research Paper with: a. Begins with an Introduction b. Has a well organized Body divided into Sections and Subsections c. Ends with a Conclusion or Summary 3. A References page or Bibliography Additional Requirements. These additional requirements are geared toward producing the final printed work: 1 inch margins only 12 point font (Times New Roman) Double spaced lines Sections and subsections divided by one blank line No blank lines between paragraphs in the same section Single spaced references/bibliography No one-sentence paragraphs Number all pages except the Title Page All embedded maps and graphics include a numbered caption (e.g. Figure 1: Crime scene search patterns)**