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Write a research paper on the intangible cultural heritage as a tourism resource.

Master of Arts International Tourism Management


The Final Project Dissertation must include the following basic points:

Abstract in English and Spanish;
Index, List of Figures/Tables/Maps, etc.
Introduction (Hypothesis and Objectives);
Theoretical framework;
Analysis of results;
Conclusions, recommendations and limitations;
Bibliographic references
Appendices (SPSS data sheets, Interview questions, survey questionnaire layout, photos, etc.)

SPSS section needs to be around 18-20 pages.

The Thesis should be written down in readable fonts (for example, Times New Roman, size 12), with a space between lines 1,5 and in DIN A-4 format with the margins of 2,5 cm. Extension of the Thesis is between 50 and 70 pages (Appendices not included) and must be appropriately bounded (one hardcopy must be submitted) for the Official Announcement you are opting in (March, July or November). The title page must include the logo and name of the Rey Juan Carlos University, name of the Master programme, academic year, title of your thesis, author of the thesis and name of director (tutor).

In-text citations and references should be based on APA style:

APA Citation Guide

¿Como hacer referencias y bibliografía en normas APA?

I need three thesis statements as soon as possible with the following topic:
1. Inclusive tourism in world heritage cities
2. The intangible cultural heritage as a tourism resource
3. The World Heritage cities and the intangible cultural heritage

I need those theses ASAP and send to my professor. If prof says those thesis statements are good to go, I will need the first and second parts of my dissertation then send them to prof. If they are good, we will continue with the spss data analysis, Interview questions and etc.