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Write a research paper on the Effects of Alcohol on Child Development.

Write a research paper focusing on the affects of mothers drinking alcohol during the prenatal stage on child development. Please also use the rubric i attached and use some research studys and other trustworthy sources as evidence. For APA format, please have a seperate title page and the paper on the next pages. Thank you!Here is the writing prompt: Recently there have been several studies coming out with conflicting results on what amount of alcohol is acceptable during pregnancy. The recommendation from the surgeon general is that women consume zero drinks during pregnancy. However, there have been studies that have suggested that small amounts of alcohol are not as detrimental as once thought. And there may be very little, if any difference between mothers who don’t drink, and those who drink sparingly during pregnancy. So, what’s all the uproar about if no one is certain?The research isn’t consistent, and you hear confusing anecdotes constantly about a friend who is a doctor who drank during her pregnancy and the baby was fine.Why are the recommendations so confusing? And what are the actual effects anyway – is it really that bad?