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Write a research paper on the back bay neighbourhood of boston.

It is based on a research paper on the back bay neighbourhood of boston :
The neighborhood project is the signature assignment for the Sociology of Boston course. It is a research paper on a selected neighborhood in the city of Boston. The student had to give an argument on an outstanding feature that their neighborhood possesses. With the Back Bay neighborhood assigned, the 2019 paper The Neighborhood Project : Back Bay by Malick Tobe focuses not only on the fact that Back Bay was built from land filling, but also the affluent history of the neighborhood. Following a chronological order, Tobe (2019) retraces the pivotal role of the Back Bay neighborhood during some of Americas key history events such as the American Revolution, or the Boston busing conflict. With the thesis statement in his research paper, Tobe (2019) depicts to the readers an imagery of the Back Bay neighborhood. Research, composition, facts, and statistics enables Tobe (2019) to inform readers interest interested by the history of the Back Bay neighborhood.
First, the facts on the Back Bay neighborhood in Tobe (2019) are accurately articulated. Indeed, throughout the text, the author cites trustworthy sources, which in consequence not only solidifies his argument, but also makes the reader more incline to agree with his statements. Lets take for example the statement : According to, the project stopped and started for decades before it came to fruition (Tobe, 2019). In the very first part of the sentence, the author makes a reference to a well-known local news outlet, which is both located and covers news in the city of Boston. This shows that Tobe (2019) critically evaluated his sources when conducting research for the paper. Even though it shows that research was involved, constantly using according to X can make a paper sound redundant. In Tobe (2019), it is not overused, and the author manages to give accurate data without using this formula. Indeed, we can see it in the sentence : In the 1830s, an important wave of Irish immigrants came into Boston, because of the Potato famine in Ireland (Tobe, 2019). Here, the last part of the sentence justifies the previous one, and make the statement credible. Without the ending, readers may be left wondering why did the Irish immigrants come to Boston. Therefore, the composition of the writing gives both well-structured and rigorous facts about the Back Bay neighborhood.
Next, Tobe (2019) can be classified as a quantitative research paper in terms of genre. This type of paper regroup research, statistics, and source evaluation from the writer. First, Tobe (2019) is quantitative because it utilizes a lot of statistical data. It is noticeable in sentences like this one : The center was inaugurated in April of 1965 and costed roughly $150 million. Or this one : Around 1,700 Red Coats British soldiers prepared for an attack by George Washington in Boston Commons during the winter period between 1775 and 1776. In those examples, the data is very diverse. Indeed, it ranges from historic dates, to project building budgets. This shows that Tobe (2019) can be classified as a quantitative text. Tobe (2019) is also a research paper, because the author presents his own arguments throughout the entire text. For example, he says : This shows how affluent the neighborhood is to defend his argument made in his thesis statement. Therefore, Tobe (2019) is a quantitative research paper for the previous enounced arguments.