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Write a research paper on Teacher tress in secondary schools in the UK

My Dissertation topic is on teacher stress in secondary schools.My dissertation literature review will need to include the following 3 sections:1. A broad introductory area which is on the history of interest in teacher stress and the sorts of things/interventions which have been done in the past to help teachers (Keep this brief). Current interest in teacher stress – What is it? How does it show itself? What effect does it have on teachers?2. What are the reasons for and what does research suggest are the factors behind teacher stress? Why do teachers experience stress?3. Some of the interventions/coping strategies that have been put in place to help teachers overcome teacher stress (both successful and unsuccessful interventions/strategies).Include statistics where relevant (UK based).Total word count for the Literature Review – 1500 words (This can be split into 500 words for each section)References need to be related to the UK as my dissertation is based on teacher stress in secondary schools in the UK.