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Write a research on Kobe Bryant’s Determination.

You will need to include the following: (Each component should be written in its own paragraph)1. Brief Summary2. Purpose of the Study3. Source and Type of Information Sought4. Results of the study5. Limitations of the study6. The convincing evidence to the reliability and validity of the study7. Future research that could follow8. How this study can contribute to your studyBe sure to include the reference at the beginning of the article and on a separate page include a printout or link to the article. This will be for future reference when your group goes to put together the final paper.*JUST FOR REFERENCE: My groups research project is centered around; does religion and spirituality play. a part in a team or individuals success. Keep this in mind when answering questions 7 and 8. Also please. use Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition).