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Write a research essay of 8 to 10 pages about a Caribbean literary work.

Write a research essay of 8 to 10 pages about a Caribbean literary work. You have an extended deadline which means that you can complete and submit at your own pace although the syllabus deadline is the second week of April. You are required to at least use 5 sources. Use the MLA style to format your essay and all citations. You are encouraged to use your Discussion Board entries, your Short Essay, and journal writings as drafts that you can develop into a full research essay for this assignment.

Do not write about the author but about the literary work. Analyze literary (and film) strategies such as point of view, narrator, characters, settings, symbolism, etc. Review the handouts below for resources and guidelines.


The Drum, I Love My Master, or/and Impressions by Nancy Morejn
Red Dirt Dont Wash by Roger Mais
If I Could Write This in Fire I Would Write This in Fire by Michelle Cliff
Black Faces, White Masks by Frantz Fanon
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (film)
The Harder They Come (film)
The Last Supper (film)
Juan of the Dead (film)

The library has developed a Library Guide for this class through which you can conduct research:
UDC librarians are also available by chat and email (lets no go in person so that we can keep them safe) to help you with your research by finding articles and helping with citations.

Useful handouts about writing:

Sample Student Essay (it analyzes a poem as well as a short story):

More Sample Student Essays:

Sample Papers in MLA Style

Writing about literature:

Literary Terms:

Writing about film: