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Write a report to analyze a company (Intel Corp).

Intel Corp, financial company analysis on excel.
You are asked to produce report to analyze a company (Intel Corp). In the report, you need to provide conclusions, how you assess company’s standing and future performance.More specifically, the report will encompass (1) ratio analysis (the ability to calculate ratios is important, the real value of ratios lies in the insight that can be gleaned from them, so it is the interpretation of ratios and comparison to company’s competitors that matters more), (2) an evaluation of the current and future business performance based on the recent and planned strategic decisions, investments and financing decisions (while it is a must to discuss how the company plans to grow itself in the near future, it is not a requirement to forecast free cash flows even though such analysis will be seen in positive light), and (3) discussion of the ethical and sustainable aspects of the business (impact of its operations on Ethics, Sustainability, and Responsibility, as the market is nowadays paying an increasing amount of attention to how companies are run in these perspectives).The report should demonstrate logic of the analysis, error-free writing/quality control and consistent formatting. It is expected that the final output would be produced to professional standard. Please submit your assignment in the excel format, with a first sheet as the executive report and the following sheets with calculations. Specific guidelines regarding this assignment is attached.