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Write a report proposal on Biometric Bank Withdrawals

You need to hand in a report which contains the overview of your project proposal. The proposal should consist of two (2) or more pages describing the problem you plan to solve, outlining how you plan to solve it, and describing what you will “deliver” for the final project. Your report should contain the following sections: 1. Project details: Name of your project, your team ID, and team members. 2. Problem Statement: Describe the problem that your proposed database system will solve. Why do you need a database instead of an excel file? 3. Target user: Who will use your database? Who will administer the database? You are encouraged to give a real-life scenario. 4. List of Relations: Identify at least 4 relations (tables) that you need to maintain for this database. Provide schema for each of these relations. 5. Web-interface: Provide rough sketches of the web-interfaces that you will design. Web interfaces are mainly form where a user can provide input, and based on the input, the tables are updated and/or query results are produced. This is the user interface (UI) of your project. 6. Data: How will you populate your relations? You can get the data from external sources or you can create your own data. Name of the project is Biometric Bank Withdrawals, and I will add my name.