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Write a position paper on a socioeconomic issue of your choice.

Write a position paper (examples are at the bottom of this document) on a socioeconomic issue of your choice. For instance, if you care about the reasons of the Great Recession, your position paper could express which side of the debate about the main culprits of the Recession that you are on. Some of you might say that the government was the main reason, while some other people might say that sketchy financial rating companies were the main reason. Whatever your position is, you need to give at least 2 arguments to support that in your paper. Another example: if you are interested in going vegan, your position paper could express your stance on animal abuse. You say, “We do not need to kill animals to have enough protein”, then provide arguments for that (e.g. “people can get enough protein from eating beans and peas). State the debate clearly at the beginning of your paper, and what your stance is so that the audience could understand what you are arguing for.You have to use at least two economic arguments or theories that you have learnt so far to support your stance.At the end of your paper, remember to list references of all the information sources that you use for your paper. The references are not counted in the paper’s length.It is important that your issue does not have an obvious or easily searchable answer; they are not interesting otherwise! Your stance will not be judged to be right or wrong. This assignment mainly focuses on the way you express your opinion, defend it using Economic concepts and make it interesting to other people.