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Write a paper on the perception of independent property certifers.

The paper looks at the perception of wireless certifiers on buildings. What these are, are companies that will rate certain aspects of the building. BREEAM does environmental, WELL does wellbeing and Wiredscore does wireless connectivity. Each states that having their certification gives the rent a premium that landlords can charge because of the increased desire to be in that building. But the question is to look into if people in the market actually care about thatThe one I want to look into is Wiredscore and use that as the case study of the diss, so mainly talking about wiredscore and then comparing to other certifiers perhaps seeing how BREEAM got on and why wiredscore might or might not end up that wayFor wiredscore I want to look at it from a landlord, tenant and agent point of view. The reason for this is that the landlord is their the one paying for it, the tenant is the one its meant to be about and the agent is the one who will be advising both sides. And then this will end up in a overall balanced viewThe aim of wiredscore is to give the tenant certainty of performance and security of their wireless connectivity in an easy to see ranking (other criteria such as amount of services also come into play). Originating in the US from tenant complaining to the NY Mayor Bloomberg it came into the UK in 2013. This has now given it 7 years in the country and this makes it the best case study. As BREEAM was released in the early 1990’s it’s a bit old and new wellbeing certifications like WELL are just too new.