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Write a paper on a current issue in intercollegiate athletics.

College Arms Race
At the end of the semester, students will submit a 10-12 page paper on a current issue in intercollegiate athletics. Papers will be double spaced and follow APA format. It is expected that students incorporate current research articles throughout the paper to support their topic statement. The paper should highlight your ability to integrate a multiple disciplinary approach to critically analyze a current issue in college athletics. Students should begin to think of a topic now! All topics need my prior approval.

Note: For any paper where personal opinions are infused into the writing, students should include a short paragraph that addresses personal bias. For example: if an argument is outlined in support of paying student-athletes; and the student is a student-athlete; a personal bias statement should be shared. This example can be extended to numerous additional examples. Some paper guidelines may allow for the inclusion of this information in the text of the paper, while others may not (formal papers). When paper guidelines do not support an inclusion of personal bias, an additional paragraph outlining this bias should be attached.