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Write a paper of the movie named as Marriage Story.

Format: 1 inch margins, 12 Point font, double spaced, Times New Roman, 2 pages minimum. Microsoft Word document.

Movie Musing Instructions (Drama) 2 pages minimum

Part I The Magic of the Movie (1 page minimum)

Describe (briefly) the plot of your movie Whats the setting? Who are the main characters? What was the challenge and how was it resolved? Dont tell me every single detail! Just the main points.
Describe the magic of your movie How did the film immerse you in its world? Did it sustain your belief in the world and reality it created?
How would you describe the form, content, and style of your movie? Were any obvious techniques used (use of colors, camera, sound, patterns) to create the look and feel of your movie? What made the movie you watched unique?
Part II Whats the Movie Really About? (1 page minimum)

What was the explicit meaning of your movie? Meaning, what did it communicate directly? This would be the surface level meaning of the film. (Note: this should be brief)
What was the implicit meaning of your movie? That is, what theme (or themes) did it express? At a deeper level (beyond what you can see) what is the film trying to tell you about human relationships, emotions, challenges and mistakes, hope, redemption, etc.
Finally, tell me about the interpretative meaning of the film. What values did it convey about life, the human condition, and even failure? How did it portray faith and the power of belief? Did your movie inspire you, give you hope, or caused you to reevaluate something about your life?
Do you think the movies values and message were Christian, Biblical, or religious? Why?