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Write a definition essay on “A FRIEND.”

This kind of paper explains the meaning of a particular term. However, in order to move beyond the denotative (or dictionary) definition, you are being asked to define the term in your own words using your own connotations, illustrated with detailed, specific examples.the definition i am using is ; A FRIENDINTRODUCTION: will contain your definition (physical, spiritual, emotional – whatever your focus is going to be). This should be a short paragraph. Remember, this definition should be in your own words.BODY PARAGRAPHS: will illustrate and expand on your definition with detailed examples, described in vivid language. Each paragraph should present a different facet of your definition.You may find it useful to create body paragraphs according to synonym, function, and what it is not. (For example, is a rebel the same thing as a traitor? Why or why not?) You may also find it useful to plan your body paragraphs according to other criteria; e.g. historical, cultural, and personal. However you organize your body paragraphs, please make sure that each has a topic sentence connected to the central idea.CONCLUSION: pulls all the examples together and restates the term.ABOUT YOUR PAPER5-6 paragraphs (2-3 pages, double-spaced, typed)Make your title reflect your central ideaBe concise. Be interesting.Use transitions; don’t just lurch from one paragraph to the next.DO NOT USE- & or any other abbreviation- the word thesis-” i think/believe/ feel” anything with i- contractions except in direct quites- second person words like you- in the beginning of s sentence dont use for, and, nor, but, or , yet, so , and also- and a comma to connect two independent clauses