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Write a book review of ‘Latinx: The New Force in American Politics and Culture” By: Ed Morales.

Your book review should be insightful and based on your analysis of the text. I am not looking for a retelling of the book. Rather, I am looking for your thoughts on the book in regard to your understanding of American government and politics. Be specific and clear. It is you job as the writer to ensure the reader understands your thesis. Thus, your links need to be well thought out, clearly explained, and demonstrative of your critical thinking at work.
Introduction & summary
o What are your initial impressions of the book? What are your thoughts on the first chapter? Why did you choose this book? This should be NO MORE than page!!! Your paper is an analysis of the book not a retelling of its content.
Background of the authorwho is writing this book and why. This should be a paragraph.
Analysis of the book (analysis should be 2-3 pages)
o How are concepts/issues such as political power, founding principles, government, (in)equality, civic engagement, activism, voting, identity, American society, disenfranchisement, etc. addressed in the book? What are your lasting impressions of the books? What do you think motivated the author to write this book?
o Discuss the book’s structure and the author’s use of language and writing style.
How does the author draw the reader in and keep the reader engaged? How, if at all, has this book impacted your views?
o Select a favorite quote or two and analyze them.
Why does it appeal to you? What is the significance in relation to the topic?
o What is your opinion about the book? Did the book live up to your expectations? Why or why not? What did you like most about the book? Least?