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Write a book review about Adam Gazzaley of Titian by Tim Ferris.

Corresponding with the approach of this YouTube book review by Clark Kegley, read the following bios (some of which are mentioned in his video): Chris Sacca (p. 164) Derek Sivers (p. 184) Tony Robbins (p. 210) Scott Adams (p. 261) Kevin Kelly (p. 470) Rick Rubin (p. 502) Naval Ravikant (p. 546) Watch Video Tools of Titans | 10 Best Ideas | Tim Ferriss | Book Summary Duration: 24:21 User: n/a – Added: 1/20/17 In your response to this blog post, answer the following two questions: 1. After reading the assigned bios above (and as many others as you like), what was your favorite idea or strategy, and by whom? Choose something NOT mentioned in Clark Kegley’s video. 2. What was one suggestion or idea that you disagreed with, and why? Please give examples that have NOT already been mentioned by other classmates.