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Write a blog-style report analyzing, and assessing the significance of, an example of “fake news” on the Internet.

the report should:• Detail why the case study you choose is an example of “fake news”.• Explain how the example emerged and spread.• Use the example to highlight potential problems of political communication online.• Highlight the potential problems the example presents for Internet governance.The word count excludes the title and bibliography but includes all footnotes and in-text references. Your word count must appear at the end of your work.sources not be used for essay, only to be used for reading purpose(background reading):1) Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election by Hunt Allcott; Matthew Gentzkow 05/2017.2) ‘Fake news’ is the invention of a liar: How false information circulates within the hybrid news system by Fabio Giglietto; Laura Iannelli; Augusto Valeriani; Luca Rossi 07/20193) The echo chamber is overstated: the moderating effect of political interest and diverse media by Elizabeth Dubois; Grant Blank 04/05/2018.