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Write 900-950 words essay on the poem Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti .

Write 900-950 words essay on the poem Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti (file attached) on the following prompts and questions:Consider the animal men who can be found in the goblin market.What types of animals are represented, and what are the larger metaphorical or symbolic associations for these animals?How do these animals highlight or reflect larger issues or themes associated with the goblin market?I’m asked to develop a thesis-based response to the assigned questions, and to support and develop your thesis with evidence and interpretation from the poem. Interpretations should be expanded and enriched through close reading.Please note that this is a close reading essay, so the bulk of your body paragraphs should be focused on developing your argument through analysis of key words, lines, images, metaphors, etc. Assume that your readers have read the assigned material and keep plot summary to a bare minimum.Using MLA 8 th edition and please be responsible and reference all directly quoted or specifically paraphrased sources, including the class text. Material quoted from any source (print or online, scholarly or popular) must be presented with quotation marks, clear parenthetical references, and a complete Works Cited entry. If an argument seems to be specific to a source you should cite it, even if you only paraphrase and do not quote directly. General knowledge on a topic and statements of fact should still be cited if a source is quoted directly.