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Words Shakespeare Invent?

How Many Words Did Shakespeare Invent?Across all of his written works, it’s estimated that words invented by Shakespeare number as many as 1,700. We say these are words invented by Shakespeare , though in reality many of these 1,700 words would likely have been in common use during the Elizabethan and Jacobean era, just not written down prior to Shakespeare using them in his plays, sonnets and poems. In these cases Shakespeare would have been the first known person to document these words in writing. Historian Jonathan Hope also points out that Victorian scholars who read texts for the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary read Shakespeare’s texts more thoroughly than most, and cited him more often, meaning Shakespeare is often credited with the first use of words which can be found in other writers.Examples Of Commonly Used Words Shakespeare CreatedIt is Shakespeare who is credited with creating the below list of words that we still use in our daily speech – some of them frequently.accommodationaerialamazementapostropheassassinationauspiciousbaselessbloodybumpcastigatechangefulclangorcontrol (noun)countlesscourtshipcriticcriticaldexterouslyisheartendislocatedwindleeventfulexposurefitfulfrugalgenerousgloomygnarledhurryimpartialinauspiciousindistinguishableinvulnerablelapselaughablelonelymajesticmisplacedmonumentalmultitudinousobscenepalmyperusalpiouspremeditatedradiancerelianceroadsanctimoniousseamysportivesubmergesuspicious