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Women’s Crusade

This is the criteria.
1.5 spaced, addressing all the readings in the unit you selected (These readings are linked below)
Include minimum 3 primary sources from the link below (3 of the readings from the website under this bullet)
All citations in footnotes in proper Chicago Style format (does not add to page count)
You are encouraged, but not required, to do further research where necessary. All sources used must be submitted in a Bibliography (does not add to page count)
Im interested in how well you critically use primary and secondary sources to present your own perspective on history.

Kelly ODonnell, Our Doctors, Ourselves: Barbara Seaman and Popular Health Feminism in the 1970s, Bulletin of the History of Medicine 93.4 (2019): 550-576.

Susan L Smith, Private Crusades for Public Health and Spreading the Gospel of Health, Chapters 1 & 2 in Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Black Womens Health Activism in America, 1890-1950 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995).

Wendy Kline, Learning from the Uterus Out: Abortion and Womens Health Activism in Chicago, Chapter 3 in Bodies of Knowledge: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Womens Health in the Second Wave (University of Chicago Press, 2010).