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Winning vs Development: What are the key values of a grassroots football coach?

Degree Programme: Football Coaching and managementI would like this done to a 2:1 standard so hitting between 60%-70%Critically review and analyse literature pertaining to the topic area chosenEvaluate a range of research methods and apply appropriate research techniques for the collection and analysis of primary or secondary dataCritically analyse findings in relation to theories and concepts and present a research output with a set of evaluative conclusions and recommendations based on the findings of the researchStructureThe dissertation should include the following sections:Abstract – which provides a concise overview of the research projectIntroduction – which contains a literature review as the framework for your research, leading to a clear rationale and research question/hypothesisMethodology – which provides rationale for the methodological approach taken and outlines the participants or sources (if secondary research) used, the procedure followed, and analysis conducted.Results – which appropriately presents the results of the study conducted.Discussion – which interprets the results in the context of current literature, acknowledges limitations of the current study as well as identifying implications and further ideas for future research.Reference list – presented using the Harvard referencing guidelinesAppendicesResearch Aims:To find out if the core values of a coach reflect development or winning attitude when coachingTo identify the priority of a grassroots coach on a matchday?Subjects that must be talked about:Coaching philosophyTalent developmentBarriers and limitations in Grassroots CoachingThemes to explore:Are there enough grassroots coaches qualified and experienced in the UK?Coaching philosophy at a grassroots levelWhat is a grassroots coach’s priority on a matchday (Winning or their player’s development)Is their better development in players from pre-planned coaching sessionsHow do grassroots coaches manage to deal with a player excelling or a player below the level of others?Use academic sports&football sources.