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Why you are applying to Drexel College of Medicine; why you want to be a physician; why you want to obtain medical education at Drexel College of Medicine

Personal statement; LIMIT is one page
Would like the theme to be changing of narrative from onlooker/patient to Aspiring physician.
I’ve listed several encounters here that can be drawn out to narratively display empathy, self reflection and growth to the next stage of my life where I am ready to matriculate into medical school. Center the theme really on how female figures have made a large influence on who I am and what I choose to do. A “it takes a village scenario” I began to find an interest in the female body from anatomy to function to design. It’s a culmination of experiences really led to the logical and the endless pondering of what a marvel the female body is and how the course of maturation shaped the powerful women that I adore and see as mentors.

– (age 7) I remember coming home from school one day hearing my mother discuss How a woman from our local community passed due to birth complications and lack of medical supplies in the maternity ward leaving three beautiful healthy triplets- i was stunned. At my young age i didnt understand-How could one be without a woman figure? In the most innocent sense i vowed to never allow rhat to happen to any person. I began my studies toward pre-medical track. Lost focus, had a couple semesters where things didn’t go my way and it resulted in a constant uphill battle to salvage the rest of my undergraduate semesters with a decent GPA to show for it.

-Post undergraduate (1 year after graduation) working as a verizon wireless solutions specialsist i was feeling burnt out. Not enjoying the place i was in my life because my academic career wasnt strong enough to apply to medical school right away or i wasnt confident in myself to even get in if i tried. I went to my normal 9-5 just to find my coworker (who happened to be pregnant) unconscious on the floor. Made her regain consciousness then took her to the emergency department. That day she learned something about how her body works. How she needs to take care of it. I learned that in that moment I felt so powerless. All I know is that I didn’t want anyone to lose a sister. a daughter. a wife. a friend That event made me advocate that day for womens reproductive health. It made me a A constant inquirer about the extent and mysteries the female body and reproductive system abilities.
Subsequently, almost as a sign to drop everything and go i got Accepted into the premedical program at Drexel and my life changed pace. My admissions essay when i first applied to Deexek was about a change in mindset. Now im happy to reflect on my last year of academic achievement and say that self assurance and affirmative action by others made me realize that im where im supposed to be. (Can mention a one-on-one meeting with a professor Barbara Shields and she told me that im the best in her class and that she believed in my capabilities. I became emotional becauee that moment there, revuked all the previous nay sayers and events that led me to believe i wasnt good enough)
My outlook was matured and changed which was evident in my behavior and coursework. I set a goal to make a mark in philly (started medical scribe at childrens hospital of Philadelpia, volunteering as a kitchen navigator at the Ronald Mcdonald house, dancing as a menber of afro Afrique dance Company, NY. Drexel gave me confidence. It gave me the continuous assurance that im supposed to be where I am.
(Please tie in the Drexel University College of Medicine Mission statement into my reason as to why id like to matriculate in the institution.

Drexel mission
Drexel University College of Medicine delivers innovative biomedical education in an environment that embraces inquiry and collaboration, founded on excellence in patient care, and based on a culture of, and respect for, diversity. These principles are built upon the College of Medicine’s legacy of a firm commitment to meeting the health care needs of the communities in which we live and work.

We value leadership, community service, and clinical experience, as well as accomplishments in athletics, employment and research. Our goal is to recruit and educate a class that will serve the needs of a diverse patient population.