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why meditation and yoga should be introduced to children at young ages

Your final research paper will be an argumentative essay that is driven by a debatable claim and established with evidence provided by primary and secondary sources. Your goal is to persuade your reader that the claim of your thesis is correct.

Your topic should have something to do with technology but is otherwise open, as long as your angle on the topic is presented as a debatable claim. In other words, to be “debatable,” your claim must be one that is not an obvious question of fact or mere opinion — it should be something that you could conceivably convince someone of, but only with the support of good evidence. You should present that claim clearly and proceed through your reasoning and evidence, but how you do that precisely is up to you as the writer. You should also include relevant counterclaims in your paper and rebut them. It is extremely important for completing this assignment successfully to have a clear organizational plan that the reader is able to follow throughout.

You should include at least eight outside sources within your paper. These should all be cited according to APA citation conventions. You should use the sources you included in your annotated bibliography, but you are not obligated to use each of them. (You can replace any with others if you have found more useful sources.) You are not required to include only sources found in the library databases, but you should have evaluated each source carefully and determined that they are appropriate for academic writing.