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Why is Crazy Horse a famous figure in American Indian history?

Please answer the following questions and turn in the report on the course website1. Why is Crazy Horse a famous figure in American Indian history? 2. Why did many Lakota refer to him as a strange man? 3. How can the Game of Thronesline “What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?”be applied to the life of Crazy Horse? 4. When was Crazy Horse (CH) born and when did he die? 5. What tragedy affected CHs childhood? 6. What was the hunkaceremony about? 7. What was the Grattan Massacre, what caused it and when did it take place? 8. What is a Heyoka? 9. How did Crazy Horse earn his name? 10. What about the Bozeman Trail caused tension between the Lakota and the United States? 11. What do some sources say about CHs participation in Fettermans Massacre? 12. How did buffalo hunters contribute to the defeat of the Lakota? 13. Who was Black Buffalo Woman? 14. What happened between No Water and CH? 15. Why was CH asked to return his ceremonial shirt? 16. How did Red Cloud change after his visit to Washington? 17. What did CH do when he received news of his brothers death? 18. What werethe namesof CHs wife and daughter?19. When did Custer and CH cross paths for the first time? 20. How did Custers expedition to the Black Hills set the stage for war?
21. How are Nietzsches words applied to CHs life in Episode 10? 22. What did the Cheyenne do to save babies from freezing following Dull Knifes defeat? 23. What did General Crook promise CH to entice him to surrender? 24. How did Red Cloud and Spotted Tail react to CHs arrival on the reservation? 25. Why did General Crook not meet with CH? 26. What is strange about Bradleys and Clarks behavior on the day when CH was killed? 27. What did CHs father mean when he said he was killed by too much talk?28. What are your thoughts and feelings about Crazy Horses story?