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“Who Is Missing The Message: Targeting Strategies to Increase Food Label Use Among US Adults” and Journal Article: “Is It Time To Rethink Nutrition: A 5-Year Retrospective of Americans’ Attitudes Toward Food Nutrition, and Health”

Contrast and compare both essays. Which one is the best.
Who knew that there was so much to know about food labels! All of the selections in this folder focus on some aspect of food labels and you are required to choose two of the journal articles to read for this week. What’s in a label? The image below is a reminder of what is often meant by “food label” as you read.

Although there are three journal articles provided, you should select two of the journal articles below to read for this week. Notice that two of these articles have an Abstract which is an overview of the article.

You should annotate the reading which will require you to print the article. The optional video is provided if you are new to annotation or have not used this skill in awhile.

Finally, these are all articles from academic journals, often also called scholarly journals or peer-reviewed journals. This type of source is a periodical–but a very specific type of periodical.

Please read this short explanation about what an academic journal actually is so that you clearly and fully understand the difference between a journal and a magazine:

Objectives Week Four

1. Evaluate selected texts on the basis of criteria appropriate for that genre.

2. Utilize main points and supporting details from selected texts to provide justification for inferences and draw conclusions.

3. Discuss the characteristics of various genres in selected texts.

4. Analyze argumentative strategies and persuasive appeals in selected texts.

5. Analyze themes, images, and motifs in selected texts.

6. Evaluate the objectivity and reliability of information found in selected texts.

7. Examine and analyze the purpose and intended audience of selected texts.

8. Identify rhetorical devices and conventions used in selected texts.

9. Employ the appropriate selection and citation of external sources to support researched persuasive writing to avoid plagiarism.

10.Recognize various citation styles appropriate to different disciplines.