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White Collar

To familiarize students with organized crime.
To introduce students to the relationships between organized crime and states and corporations.
Students will be able to explain organized crime.
Students will be able to explain and demonstrate the relationship between organized crime groups and states and/ corporations.
State-Corporate Crime Continued

Chapter Nine: Power, Organized Crime Networks And The Elite
Cases of organized crime, governments, and corporations
Read Michalowski and Kramer (2006) Chapters 2, chapter_2-original_9-05.doc 9, 10, 14 chapter_9_firestone_9-05.docchapter_10_ex_valdez_9-05.docchapter_14_Halliburton Rothe.doc
Read Rothe and Kauzlarich 2016 Chapter 9
Complete the discussion board assignment for this lesson

Food for thought as you read and suggested activities:
Research corporate involvement in the Holocaust and compare this to more current forms of state-corporate crime.
Discuss how state facilitated state corporate crime differs from state initiated state-corporate crime. Are there similarities?
Research how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates airline safety. Which airlines have the worst and best safety records?
Why do you think the media rarely highlights the role of corporations and states with organized crime groups?
Do you believe implicit links between states and organized crime groups are enough to say a state should also be accountable for the crimes and harms? Why or why not?
Do you believe corporations should be held accountable when they are active agents with organized crime groups? Why or why not?