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While women have always worked, there was a significant shift in womens participation in waged work in the last few decades of the 20th century, including more women with young children working for wages.

Identify two most significant problems or issues of concern for Canadian women today with
regards to gender inequality regarding waged work. Explain your rationale for selecting
these and note what you think has caused these problems or issues of concern.
Have gender stereotypes and the dominant ideology and/or the structural organization of
industrialized, capitalist society helped to create or support these problems or issues?
Do all women face the same problems or issues? Explain why it is important to use a
GBA+ to examine and explain womens inequality with regards to work, both waged and
What changes are needed both at the macro level (structural organization, dominant
ideology) and the interpersonal level to work towards economic equity for women in
Canada? Be specific in your answer and explain your rationale