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What kind of melody or melodies does the work have and their characteristics

The Art of Listening
a. Anton Bruckner: Locus iste a Deo factus est. Recording: The Sixteen 3:00
b. Darius Milhaud: Scaramuche Suite for Two Pianos. Recording: Martha Argerich and Cristina Marton 948
c. Harold Arlen: Somewhere over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland version 243

For the paper, listen to the above music and read the sheet music of all 3 items in the set above. Write three full pages, double spaced, including citations from outside sources using the below guide
Analytical Considerations:

1. Formal Structure: Provide classification of form of the work (e.g. rondo, ABA, sonata) and describe the sections of music within the form

2. Rhythmic Components: Meter(s) (e.g. duple, triple), the tempo of the composition or sections (e.g. andante, adagio, allegro), the rhythmic characteristics of primary and subsequent themes. Use of rubato, ritardando and accelerando in the work

3. Melodic Structure: What kind of melody or melodies does the work have and their characteristics

4. Harmonic Components: Tonality (major or minor, stable vs. shifting), atonal or polytonal; use of dissonant or consonant harmony in the musical work, or a combination of both

5. Orchestral/Vocal Timbre: describe how the instruments/families are used in the compositions; are they the primary instruments, accompanying instruments, and their overall tone color. If the work is in a foreign language, is it sacred or secular? Get a translation of the work to help you.

6. Other: what significance does the compositions title have to the work? Provide brief information on the composer relating to this work, if possible. Why was this piece composed (request, commission, or just inspiration?

7. When referring to the pieces in your chosen set, only one of them is an actual song. Choral and instrumental works are not songs. You can use the terms composition, work, piece if the work is not a song.