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What is the Value of the Census? What are some of the myths? (P.S. the census is hiring & there is still time to apply @

2. YOU should elect a social policy issue and do the research. It can be an extension of your Volunteer Experience. But make it meaningful.

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3. 2020 Census – What is the Value of the Census? What are some of the myths? (P.S. the census is hiring & there is still time to apply @

4. YOU CAN discuss the Coronavirus Virus/Pandemic. You can discuss/compare this to the Great Depression, for example. For those who are more oriented to the “macro issues”, you may focus the governments response (federal, state). What measures are in place and are we headed to a recession /depression? What does that mean? If “macro or micro” what about the loss of income, business challenges, unemployment, childcare/home schooling, food insecurity, death/illness, social distancing. isolation and it’s impact, family challenges.

5. The Coronavirus is new but there have been other Pandemics/Epidemics dating back to 3000 BC. In short, we are dealing with health, economic issues, the governments response /responsibility and more. Some say we are at war and must have a defense strategy. Feel free to provide a summary for your classmates about some of the national health challenges and the aftermath. What will be the new normal.

More considerations & ideas for your consideration : Impact on students to include interest deferred on student loans, new governmental policies/border controls, national security issues, CDC it’s roles. President Trump says Paid Sick Leave at no cost to employers, New Laws as a result of this National Emergency, Virus is considered a DEFENSE Strategy, The National Defense Act (of 2020 and 1950), and more…..

* 7- 9 pages to include separate cover and work cited (Work cited – more than 2 sources please)

* 5 – 7 pages of meaningful content – can include visual, power point or other mediums

Conclusion should include a summary if you have the power to make a difference. Speculative roles for social workers in this new environment? (Mental Health challenges, family dysfunction, suicide, criminal justice issues and more…..)