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What is the relationship between emotion and speech?

We will review data showing that the language regions of our brain are distinct from non-human apes.. however the extent of the differences are minor compared to the difference in intellects between the species. Thus, a small change in biology.. produced an ability that allowed for enormous environmental and developmentally mediated differences to emerge over time. This was predicted by Huxley.. Darwins Bulldog .. Darwin believed that Selection could explain everything.. Wallace didnt think it could explain mind .. This course argues that Darwin was correct] THOUGHT PIECE DUE: What is the relationship between emotion and speech? Required reading: Comparative primate neurobiology and the evolution of brain language systems. James K Rilling 2014 Required reading: Predicting free choices for abstract intentions. Soon et al 2013 Required Video: Videos on Affective State Shifts occurring prior to awareness of these shifts / switches