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What is the Gasland / FrackNation controversy about? Who is more right in your opinion?

Write a 2-3 page reflection on ONE of the following questions. The choice is yours. Please use the relevant required readings of the lectures listed in parenthesis as a basis for your reflection. Cite these relevant readings in your paper. You may cite additional sources if you want to, but this is not required for this assignment.In short, what your professor wants to know is 1) what is the topic about (i.e., define the concept and summarize the relevant controversy if applicable)? 2) What do you think of the debate/controversy on this topic based on your preliminary readings?YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PICK A SIDE, JUST SAY WHAT THE CONTROVERSY IS ABOUT AND WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ITno conclusion, you can have outside sources but here are few to help. they are not that lengthy please read firsti have attached a previous assignment to show what needs to be done. thank you