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What is the current state of knowledge in the area?

Part l: Introduction [2 pages]

Based on what you read, summarize what is known about the issue or topic.
What is the current state of knowledge in the area?
Remember, you are familiarizing the reader with what is known. You are helping
the reader to see why your hypothesis is important.
Lead the reader to expect the hypothesis you will investigate. Give the reader
clues pointing out where the data is lacking.
At end be sure to state the hypothesis that you formed.

Part 2: Method [2 pages]

In this section, you will describe how you will conduct the study. Be sure to
include the three sub-pads (participants, design, and procedure).

How many people will participate in the study?
How many males and females will there be?
What is the age range of participants?
What is the background of the people? Where do they live?

State the major variables the you are investigating.
Is the research descriptive, correlational or experimental?

What will the participants have to do in the study? Be explicit.
What tests will they take?
What is the procedure? Give a step-by-step description.
Be thorough but succinct, and avoid being redundant.
Allow the reader to understand what partidpants will do.

Part 3: Expected Results (1 pages)

What do you expect to find?
For each task, give the findings you would expect.
Mention how the expected results fit with your hypotheses.
What will the data look like?

Part 4: Discussion (2 pages)

How do your findings fit with the existing studies/research?
How would your findings change the area that you researched?
What would your study add?