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What is critical thinking?

You are to substantiate your answer to the question What is critical thinking? with evidence from five outside sources not covered in this course. (Dictionary definitions are NOT sources or citations!) You may also draw on your own personal experience and observations, either in this class or beyond.
While Wikipedia is an excellent starting point, it is not an appopriate source. Instead, seek out and verify the sources cites by Wikipedia to deepen and strengthen your research.

You will be graded on:

The strength of your writing (action verbs, conviction and the absence of wordiness, sentence fragments, run-ons, and passive voice, variety of sentence structures and lengths, organization of thought to form a logical argument)
The rigor and relevance of your research
The novelty, originality, and innovation of your content (make your reader think: Ive never thought of that!)
Your paper must follow standard MLA format