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What factors would be important to consider for your diagnosis and treatment?

From one of the following films (or your choice of something not on the list):

Watch the film.

15 points: Write up an assessment and history of what has impacted the chosen character in the film.

What kind of assessment tools may you use?

What factors would be important to consider for your diagnosis and treatment?

What further information, if any, would you like to gather from this character?

10 points: Delineate how the character fulfills the four Ds.

15 points: Describe how at least three treatment theoretical perspectives could be used.

Explain why you chose that particular perspective.

How would use that perspective to treat this character.

What kind of treatment is portrayed in the movie (if any). How do you know?

6. 10 Points: Present to the class

Its a Wonderful Life

Matchstick Men

Leaving Las Vegas


Mr. Jones

Unsung Heroes

Ordinary People

What About Bob

About Schmidt

A Clockwork Orange

About a Boy

Analyze This

Fisher King

The Caretakers

Full Metal Jacket

Don Juan DeMarco

Stop Loss

The Dream Team

The War


Deer Hunter

Good Will Hunting

As Good as it Gets

Prince of Tides

The Aviator

The Sixth Sense

The Madness of King George

Girl, Interrupted

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Snake Pit

West 47th Street

Sopranos (TV)

The Machinist

Treatment (TV)

Family Guy (TV)


Finding Nemo

Monk (TV)

Archer (TV)

Dexter (TV)

Taxi Driver

Shutter Island

Secret Window

Donnie Darko

Fight Club

Kelly Canter


Walk the Line

When a Man Loves a Woman

Batman, the Dark Knight

Rain Man

American Psycho

Sucker Punch

50 First Dates

Black Swan

Behind the Lines